How To Purchase The BREEDER-CARE™ Product?

Hello and Welcome To The BREEDER-CARE™ Knowledge-Based Self-Help.

In this episode, we will show you; How to purchase the BREEDER-CARE Product?

Well! The first step is, open up your browser.

Then! Visit our official online store at

Your browser will load the BREEDER-CARE™ Online Store Website.

Then, click on the "Buy Now" on the top navigator menu.

On this page, you will see all available products here.

Then, looking for the product that you would like to place an order.

Once you found the product you would like to place an order, click on the product picture.

After you clicked on the product picture, that particular product will be loaded on your web browser screen.

Put the unit amount that you want to make the order.

Just say you want to order two units of this product, then we just put "2" on the quantity.

Then, click on the "Add To Cart" button, and the selected product and amount will be added to your shopping cart.

The online store platform will notify you that "Item added to your cart." You can now View Cart and Check Out.

Then, you will see your "Shopping Cart" Is now active in the upper right corner.

Then, click on the "Shopping Cart Icon" in the upper right corner.

On this page, it will show you your current Shopping Cart Status. You will be able to see how many products and amounts had been selected on your shopping cart.

If you have any special instructions for the seller, please filling them in the note box area.

You can also Add/Reduce the item amount by clicking on the Quantity number here.

And you can also remove the item in your shopping cart by clicking the "Remove" button here.

After you finish your order, click on "Check Out" to see your order's available shipping methods and payment methods.

The available shipping method and shipping fee will be quoted automatically, after you provide your shipping address information.

The shipping quote is based on the "Weight Range Scale" and depending on your Shipping Address.

If you are a PayPal User, you can use the Express Checkout for automated shipping address details information here.

Or, just fill in the contact information and shipping address here. Then later, we can see the available shipping method for the order.

After filling your information, click "Save this information for next time" for your future repeat order.

If you have a Privilege Birthday Coupon or an Active Event Code, you can put them here and click "Apply" to activate the code.

Once you finish everything on this page, let's move on to see the available shipping method for the particular order.

Then, let's click on the "Continue to shipping."

The shipping methods available for your order based on your "Shopping Cart Weight" & "Shipping Address" will show up for your selection on this page.

Now, let's see the difference between the "Registered Airmail" & "EMS" Shipping Method.

The Registered Airmail is the cheapest method with a tracking number. A Transit duration is at least 14-21 Business Days.

After the shipment reaches your country, you can use the tracking number to track them on your local postal tracking system.

Usually, it would not longer than 60 days after sent out. The tracking number will be trackable once the shipment is landing in your country.

This shipping method available for up to 2 kilograms only!

Next, the EMS shipping method is the priority economy with a limited tracking number, which should take at least 7-14 Business Days on their transiting.

Same as Registered Airmail, After the shipment reaches your destination country,

You can use the tracking number to track them on your local postal shipment tracking system.

Usually, it would not longer than 30-45 days after sent out. The tracking number will be trackable once the shipment is landing in your country.

This shipping method available for up to 5 kilograms only!

Next, an optional shipping method may available for each different country.

Air Courier like FedEx or DHL is available upon request by reaching us at [email protected] for more information.

Because in some countries you will need to prepare an import permit.

It is an official import transaction to legally purchase and ship via Air Courier like FedEx or DHL.

On-Site Delivery is available for Thailand Country Only, and please make sure that you make a proper transaction.

Since before your arrival as it would also take time to reach your hotel, or resort there.

If you are not sure about this, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

And we will advise you how to place the order with this particular request once again.

Just say we will choose the Registered Airmail shipping method as a choice as it is the most economical one.

Select the Registered Airmail shipping method, and then click on the "Continue to payment" button

Then, you will need to select your preferred payment method and add the Billing Address for the particular order.

PayPal is the priority option for our "Online Payment Method" on our online store platform here.

For credit cards, we accept credit cards via the "PayPal Payment Gateway" only. So select "PayPal", if you want to pay by Credit Cards.

Bank Deposit is an "Offline Payment Method," which required you to visit your nearest bank and process payment via their service.

Please remember to request for the instant transfer, unless it would take at least 10-14 business days to reaches us here.

In case you need our Bank Swift Code, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Western Union & MoneyGram would be the next best option for you. Just in case, PayPal is not available for your country.

Please save Payment Transfer Information from this page, then visit the nearest Western Union or MoneyGram and pay there.

Then, see whether do you want to have a different Billing Address from your Shipping Address or not.

Select "Use a different billing address" if you prefer to have a different address from your shipping address.

Please fill in your preferred "Billing Address" on the Billing Address Information Boxes here.

Once you have everything set, you can confirm your order by clicking on the "Complete Order" button here.

If you want to go back for editing any previous information, click on the "Return to shipping" button here.

And, if you have everything set and ready to place your order, click on the "Complete order" button right the way.

For a PayPal payment method, the online store will link you to the PayPal system to process the payment via the PayPal Payment Gateway.

PayPal may allow you to process the payment as a Guest. It is under your Local Government Laws and PayPal's Policy.

After you completed a payment by PayPal, you won't need to do anything. All done at this step. Please check your "Confirmation Email".

Try checking your junk e-mail, if you haven't see it. Your order will be processed and shipped out on the next shipping queue.

After you made a proper order, you will see your "Order Number" here!

For your future privilege, we are extremely advised to provide your Birthday Information to update your database here.

Before your birthday arrival, check your email or junk mailbox for your exclusive privilege there.

You should receive your privilege gift on your special day. Use it during their valid session or catch it up again next year.

Please share with us; How Did You Hear About Us?, because we need that information for improving our service here.

Feel free to enter your phone number, for the shipping status update via the SMS TEXT.

Enter your "Mobile Phone Number" and then click "Submit."

You should have an order confirmation email automatically. If you can't find it, please check your junk mailbox there.

Then, if you select "Offline Payment Method."

Please print it out and bring it to pay at Western Union, MoneyGram, or Bank that nearest to your place there.

After paid for the order, send an email with the photo reference to [email protected] for updating your order status.

Congratulations. You should be able to place your order by yourself from now on.

Please feel free to reach us, if you need our further support then.

Thank you for watching this tutorial video. Love is all around!